2016 Farm-to-Float Campaign

With a full-on salute to California Grown (#CAGROWN) flowers and nature’s pollinators, the 2016 Miracle-Gro® Tournament of Roses Parade float is already being called a show-stopping stunner.

For about as long as there’s been a Rose Parade providing California-style relief to the winter-weary, there’s been Miracle-Gro®, helping gardeners everywhere grow beautiful backyard blooms.

This year is no exception.

Miracle-Gro, now in its fourth year as The Official Rose and Flower Care Company of the Rose Parade, anticipates that its 2016 Rose Parade float, Life Starts Here, will inspire people everywhere to dig in and discover their own piece of the earth – a goal befitting the 2016 Parade theme, Find Your Adventure.

Certified CA GROWN

And because almost nothing is more inspiring to gardeners and flower lovers everywhere than stunning, sustainable flowers, Miracle-Gro’s 2016 Rose Parade float is an all-out salute to California’s high-quality flowers and the Golden State farmers who grow them.

On Dec. 31, 2015, Miracle-Gro and its very special farm-to-float design will receive its greatest honor to date, delivered by Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture:

Miracle-Gro will be recognized as the first major brand to support California farmers and its float will be certified CA GROWN by the State of California and the California Cut Flower Commission.

Certified CA GROWN means that the float is comprised of 85% or more California-grown flowers and plants, which supports both local California flower farmers as well as the spirit of the original Tournament of Roses Parade.

Ty Pennington & the Miracle-Groers

Thanks to a small group of California gardeners who grew flowers for the float from their own personal gardens – including Emmy Award-winning TV host and Miracle-Gro spokesperson Ty Pennington – Miracle-Gro got a little help achieving its CA GROWN certification. In fact, using flowers from the personal gardens of everyday California gardeners is a Rose Parade first!

Dubbed the “Miracle-Groers,” Pennington is joined by two California flower farmers, Mel Resendiz and Harry Van Wingerden; writer Bonnie Jo Manion; blogger Susan Phillips; and school garden evangelist Mud Baron. Joining the Miracle-Groers on the float during the Parade is beekeeper and Miracle-Gro representative Kim Markus.

Parade Broadcast

Miracle-Gro will once again serve as exclusive sponsor of HGTV’s commercial free broadcast of the 127th Rose Parade. As part of the sponsorship, Miracle-Gro will receive live interviews during the broadcast and will decorate the set. Tune in Friday, January 1st at 11:00am EST.

Beyond Blooms to…Pollinators

With the CA GROWN certification and Miracle-Gro’s ongoing commitment to local farmers, it only makes sense that theLife Starts Here float kicks off the company’s 2016 community outreach initiative, The Pollinator Promise.

Helping nature’s pollinators survive in abundance is critical to America?s food and agricultural industries in California and across the U.S.

From newbie gardeners to the Miracle-Groers, anyone can care for the earth by enhancing backyard and community-based habitat areas to help pollinators survive and thrive this year-and beyond.


A Winning Tradition

Miracle-Gro is honored to be included among the Rose Parade’s best three years in a row:

2015 Isabella Coleman Trophy

2014 Queen’s Trophy

2013 Crown City Innovation Trophy

Did you know…

How high is Miracle-Gro’s Life Starts Here float?
24 feet

How long and how wide is it?
55 and 18 feet, respectively

Who are the Miracle-Groers?
A small group of passionate California gardeners who grew flowers for the float from their own backyard gardens – including Emmy Award-winning TV host, Ty Pennington. Meet the Miracle-Groers.

What theme song is featured?
Sheryl Crow’s version of “Here Comes the Sun” from A Bee Movie.

What does “certified CA GROWN” mean?
It means that the State of California and the California Cut Flower Commission have recognized Miracle-Gro’s float as having 85% or more of its float made from California-grown flowers and plants – including those from the personal gardens of the Miracle Groers. Because nearly 98% of roses sold in America come from outside the U.S., the Life Starts Here float is just another way Miracle-Gro is showing its commitment and support to local California farmers.

What is the importance of the float’s pollinator gardens?
Bees, butterflies and birds have a direct impact on the food that ends up on our tables. But pollinators are in critical decline, which is directly impacting key crops in California and across the country. Because they need everyone’s help to survive, Miracle-Gro hopes its float inspires gardeners and wanna-be gardeners everywhere to dig in and plant pollinator-attracting backyard and community gardens.

Is there more information on the float itself?
Of course! Get a behind-the-scenes look here.

Where can the float be found on social media?
#CAGROWN and #LifeStarts Here.

Who built the float?
The float was co-designed and constructed by Southern California-based Fiesta Parade Floats.

Photo credit: Casey Rodgers/Invision




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